OtterBox Defender verses Body Armor iPhone Cases

OtterBox Defender verses Body Armor iPhone Cases

Otter box OtterBox Defender verses Body Armor iPhone CasesMy daughter just received a hand me down iPhone over the weekend. It had a small crack… so many of the iPhone do so we wanted to get a case that would keep the phone working well for her.

OtterBox Defender Case

When I finally upgraded to an iPhone last month. I ran out and purchase an OtterBox Defender Case for $46.88 at Walmart, right. So when I went online today to check prices…you can imagine how ripped off I felt when I saw that the prices for Apple’s version were under $4! And the original OtterBox Defender Case was under $16!

Anyway, I didn’t want you to find yourself in the same boat! OtterBox Defender Case feels very sturdy and  looking at the Body Armor (Blue upper left) case I can’t really see a difference in them. I was told by the AT&T store that the OtterBox reps throw their phones on the ground hard to prove the point that these cases protect the glass.

I was also told that if you drop it in water just pull it out quickly remove the case and dry it off. So far I haven’t done that with this phone but I have done with more that two of my phones – and they were goners after the toilet accidents…LOL probably for the best anyway, right.

I haven’t had any issues with the clip either but I don’t use it very much. But I do like it. When you use the case you are supposed to have the glass side toward your body. If you do it the opposite way, the phone will not be secure.

I have never had a better case in my life. It is so robust. Zero complaints here. The price of $19 is excellent. It isn’t the prettiest looking case but keeping my iPhone in one piece with children is my primary intention. Ok… not just my children… we all drop our phones don’t we. Why do I insist on blaming them. LOL

Forever OtterBox Defender

My 12 year old daughter was all about the blue Body Armor case and for the price! body armor for iPhone blue1 150x150 OtterBox Defender verses Body Armor iPhone CasesI could not see a reason not to try it out! I love the OtterBox Defender, and should anything ever happen to it, I will surely be replacing it with another OtterBox.

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